Green Roofs

Roofmaster is an Accredited Green Roofing Professional!

Benefits of Green Roofs
Reduces heating and cooling costs
Provides tax and carbon credits
Helps achieve LEED certification
Extends the life of the roof
Reduces roof maintenance
Reduces rainwater runoff
Attractive green space replaces otherwise impervious roof surface
Reduces urban heat island effect

We love installing green roofs!

Green roofs come in two basic categories based on growing medium depth: extensive and intensive. We prefer installing extensive green roofs with 2-4 inches of growing medium, which are lighter weight, less expensive, and easier to maintain. Another bonus for your water-tight roofing membrane is that the rainwater will evaporate more quickly. Special consideration must be given to plant selection, in order to withstand periods of drought, heat, cold and wind. Hearty succulent perennials like sedum, sempervivum, jovibarba, or delosperma are excellent candidates and can live year round on NYC rooftops with little to no irrigation. Intensive green roofs generally have 6 or more inches of growing medium and can host a wider variety of plant selection. However, special consideration must always be given to a building’s load-bearing capacity, and structural improvements and load adjustments might be necessary. For plants living in deeper growing medium, an irrigation system should be part of the overall plan. We use two basic types of green roof assembly. Our own, placed on top of a carefully inspected or newly replaced roofing membrane, featuring an EPDM, TPO or Miradrain root barrier, drainage mat, fibrous growing medium filter, growing medium and plants. This system is constructed, planted and grown on a roof. It is light and inexpensive by design and can be installed on a wood framed residential NYC building without requiring structural upgrades. For a pre-grown green roof, we use LiveRoof systems deeper and fully-grown modules.They are slightly more expensive and heavier adding up to 25 lbs per square foot load to a roof. We can also incorporate different types of walking spaces into our green roof systems, such as decking, slate, stone, pavers, or wood paths. Feel free to give us a call to discuss what possible combinations of roofing and green roofing are best for your building.